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Slow Dance new single out soon

       hi everyone ;-)

       I'm writing to everyone in the world as my music is available on iTunes and Amazon stores in the UK and worldwide .  Head on the stores and download your copies of say hello and good girl ……. And remember everyone counts as this is my starting out project :-) ,  these downloads will help me get one step nearer to starting my music video .

Say Hello can be found on the BBC RADIO East midlands - click this l;ink to find my name listed Saskia Vese

     Slow Dance my third single is out soon!!! Release date is 23rd December . Slow dance will be played on the the BBC RADIO Exclusively to begin with . it will be found on the BBC playlist .

image by Steve Bond images commercial photographer
   Thanks to everyone in UK and USA i have chosen with the public vote , the next image for the Slow Dance. we all have taken 4 days this week choosing it together . the public chose the image that my record label chose at the beginning . so it means they have good taste .

  Slow Dance is more an American country song . Its built up with my own voice as harmonies, giving the song a nice cute warm sound  . A lovely record to Line dance to
I was Line dancing to this song as soon as i got it home ! i love it ! . My mums absolute favourite YEEHAW 

      i cant wait to get my cowgirl boots on and sing this song on my song launch on the 29th January in Rotherham  UK ill post up the launch address for you .
   Allan Watkiss from UK country radio
is playing piano to Woman in me , one of my Shania Twain covers that  i love to sing .
     I will also be singing my single Say Hello and good girl and of course Slow Dance .

   i will check in soon. Slow Dance should be on BBC Radio in the next few days

 LV  x Saskia x

       this is a fashion image on a location shoot



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 My own Wonder Wonder Woman / costume pink purple and white all my favourite colours. this is my logo that i have had drawn of me . The face is my face on the drawing . Saskia means Saxon woman , woman of the world . i intend to be just that . Saskia was spelt Saxia in the saxon times . Meant to be Roman, goddess  . Wonder Woman is a Goddess too :-) . Strong woman not controlled by anyone . her own woman . Innocent yet powerful in her stride to conquer the world on her own . Stride alone in her missions . Not owned by a man or any land . Alot about Wonder Woman is also about me . I will not stop until i climb that mountain my own way and reach the top the way i want to reach it without being told what to do.    
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Phillip sparks is my artist friend he's created this video with my images . Photographer credits to John Morley . Steve Bond cd cover for SLOW DANCE   This clip gives you a little longer in the preview to tell you all to head over to iTunes and Amazon to download it hehe x Saskia x I'll be writing about my artist Phillip soon and adding his vogue projects for my modelling . thanks Philip