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  I will be telling you all about my trip in London this week and the gifts i fetched back up north for my mum lol . i managed to pick an amazing top hat ! for my Shania Twain Tribute that i do .    i'm so excited to do my new photo shoot next week with my Shania hat on with my 6 foots tree.     on my travels i met Ricky Rebel the new amzing Pop Star. i also went to watch him live with poochy ! he was amazing and forced my hand to start dancing again ! i'm in that dance studio next week . Prompto !     Ricky toured with Destiny's Child , Britney Spears , and many more . He was lead singer to a boyband in the States , who Michael Jackson discovered . When you meet him you can see it .     Ricky is so talented he took me by surprise . I am now a huge fan and friend .    we went shopping in London aswell .  I'll add Rickies website later .   lv Saskia x


   hi lovelies     A few magazines this week. ill post up later . and also the youtube link where i'm on USA radio with jimmy star .   this is a really great important blog . NEXT WOMEN OF COUNTRY click the link below BLOG   CONTACT SAY HELLO TO SASKIA VESE 5/2/2017  0 Comments Solo artist Saskia Vese upon returning from being on the road has been spending much of her time in the studio writing and recording new music with the help of her label EBA Records. Saskia’s most recent single  Say Hello  tells of a sweet story based on experiences of her own. A diverse artist who’s not afraid to try out different genres of music, Saskia always ensures her songs are fun and easy to dance alone to. So don’t wait to check out  Say Hello  and find Saskia via Instagram @saskiawonderwoman for more new music coming soon! ​ 0 Comments


       Hi everyone i'm letting you know that SLOW DANCE is now on the BBC PLAYLIST. Saturday, December 23, 2017 Login   Login Reset Password Subscribe Subscribe Home Film Music Technology Podcast Business Culture About Contact Publisher Application Music Home   Music  UK Country Artist Saskia Vese To Release New Single "Slow Dance" On December 23rd, 2017 Music UK Country Artist Saskia Vese To Release New Single "Slow Dance" On December 23rd, 2017 Jimmy Stars World     3 days ago     UK Country Superstar Saskia Vese is releasing her highly anticipated new single "Slow Dance" on December 23rd, 2017. Request "Slow Dance" at your favorite country music radio station today! 2017 has been a remarkable year for UK country singer Saskia Vese, who is releasing her follow up single "Slow Dance" after getting great worldwide response on

Passion and Meaning Saskia by Elizabeth Chute

hello peeps hears a good read by Elizabeth Chute. lovely sweet lady who's a nice friend of mine .     a few little cute stories from my childhood . a few facts you dont know about me :-)