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Headlights new single out 12th of July 2020

HEADLIGHTS    OUT 12th July 2020 'Lyrics ' Headlights in a storm shining light on a long lost road you are my warning sign , guiding light you're my beating heart  Satellite are you calling , Satellite wont you take me home.   ( all lyrics song sheets will be available on my music website coming soon ) '  Story ' Headlights is actually about that special person who is your shining light , the person you go home to , the person u rely on , and tell everything . Without this person you wouldn't know what to do or say . Lost for words day and night .
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Saskia in Music News Magazine

MUSIC NEWS                                                   MUSIC NEWS ARTICLE SASKIA VESE         Hello lovely peeps , before i start telling you all my news with whats been going on , id like to tell you about this fabulous magazine that has written about me . go here to read .      click this link          I'm also quite humbled on the fact that music news has just written about the country star Kacey Musgraves and me a few months before ! And as u all know I'm a  country singer songwriter . Recording artist with many a song to show you in the very near future .            Heres the article which I'm extremely proud of . XOX           heres the link        INTERVIEWS   GROUP SITES INTERVIEW Saskia Vese 06 February 2018  (released) 06 February 2018 Eileen Shapiro SHARE WITH: Saskia Vese: The Wonder Woman of Country Music As na├»ve as Lorett

New fancy look for my Blog

hello lovely people i thought id change my blog look today i hope u like it ..... i have lots to tell you .... i will be blogging next week to keep u upto date x x     ill be telling u more Lyrics from Slow Dance , also informing u of the radio airplay its had , and comments that its received .  get ur copy here -       Amazon Slow Dance     thanks for dropping by  xSaskia x


 CHORUS  i aint waiting for a slow dance , a slow o slow dance , i'm gonna pick myself up and give me a state side ride , cos for once in my life , i'm gonna kick off my one size boots !  


 My own Wonder Wonder Woman / costume pink purple and white all my favourite colours. this is my logo that i have had drawn of me . The face is my face on the drawing . Saskia means Saxon woman , woman of the world . i intend to be just that . Saskia was spelt Saxia in the saxon times . Meant to be Roman, goddess  . Wonder Woman is a Goddess too :-) . Strong woman not controlled by anyone . her own woman . Innocent yet powerful in her stride to conquer the world on her own . Stride alone in her missions . Not owned by a man or any land . Alot about Wonder Woman is also about me . I will not stop until i climb that mountain my own way and reach the top the way i want to reach it without being told what to do.