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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Saskia Vese; Good Girl Interviews, Single Review & Future Plans

Saskia Vese BLOG FEATURES includes:
a) Exclusive Country Routes News Q & A
b) Top British Country Industry Feedback & Quotes
c) Archive Radio interviewsEast Leeds FM (Peter Englefield), Mike ChisholmCanalside Community Radio, Allan Watkiss BBC Radio Sheffield, Roger Peck British Country Music Show, Lee Williams CMR NASHVILLE and station promotion.

d) "Good Girl" Single Review & Lyrics
e) Networking
f) Saskia’s Breakings news + Exclusives!
g) Future plans and gigs

Saskia Vese: Portrait | CREDIT: John F-Pictures (July 2017)

Saskia Vese (pronounced “Veese”) is a recording artist from Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK.
Her first original single “Say Hello” was her first venture into country music. It was promoted on the May 2017 promotional Hotdisc #221 and made a debut at No.37 on the Hotdisc Top 40 (chart dated May 14, 2017) climbing to No.27 and #9 on British & Irish Hotdisc (chart dated June 4, 2017) 

Her current single is “Good Girl” and was her Hotdisc follow up promoted on the August 2017 promotional Hotdisc #224 and made a bow at No.40 on the Hotdisc Top 40 (chart dated August 20, 2017) and peaked at No.36 (chart dated September 3, 2017).

Saskia snagged Artist of the Week from 30th of July (DJ Jockey in America, GraphicSocial Stars WW Indiana, USA)

Hotdisc Chart screen shot

The day after the release of Good Girl it received airplay on "BBC Introducing" BBC Radio Sheffield covering all the North Barnsley Rotherham.
Her producer in Castleford has set her the task of achieving 500 downloads from the first 3 singles. If that is accomplished then work can begin on an album with the assistance from her record label and the possibility of a music video for the most popular downloaded track.


Single: Say Hello                                       Single: Good Girl
Release Date: 25 March 2017                   Release Date: 21 July 2017
Label: E.B.A. Records (P) © 2017             Label: E.B.A. Records (P) © 2017
Total Length: 3:25                                      Time: 3:33
Genres: Country, Pop                                Genre: Country/ Indie & Alternative
Amazon UK - UK iTunes                            Amazon UK - UK iTunes

Saskia has worked as a model, and a Shania Twain tribute before turning her talents to creating her own music.
She is currently ranked #1 Country in Doncaster on Reverbnation

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The "Model" Country Singer: Saskia poses in a hot 2017 photoshoot! 

Click on the Graphic Above to connect with Saskia!

Exclusive Country Routes Q & A with Saskia Vese! 

Hi Saskia, thanks for talking to Country Routes

For DJs and our readers seeing your name for the first time may immediately conclude you are from Eastern Europe.
Can you explain where you were born, where you live and what your names derive from?
I'm English with French blood from my great grandparents x4 generations back. Born in England – Doncaster, UK.  My name Saskia means Saxon woman - Woman of the world. It can be seen as spelling Saxia from the Saxon. It is said to be a Russian name. Latvian.
Vese is a French name. And also been proved there is some Irish blood from one of my great grandfathers who was a tinker , way way back.  He moved to England in the olden days starting a life here in the UK. 

My grandfather (my Mums father) lived in Durham, in Newcastle. He fell in love with my Grandma (my mums mum ) and then moved to Doncaster. My grandparents both spoke a little geordie and used to call me a “wee bern” when I was little . You could always hear their accent in their voice, even though they moved to Doncaster in their early 20s.

What were your hopes and expectations for your debut Hotdisc single “Say Hello”?

Credit: Image for Say Hello cover art by 
Steve Bond Images
Saskia: With Say Hello being my first single, I decided to break it down quite a lot, like I used to my dance routines as an aerobics instructor.  I thought to myself ' I don't know how to record an original song, in a studio. 

However, if I use my skills in breaking it down with the beats of the music, like in my dance classes I would be able to work out all the intricate bits, and the beats.

I have always been very good with timing naturally, due to my background in fitness classes. As I used to teach a lot of moves into one record lol. My piers would ask me to uncomplicated it. I would say ' no!  Please concentrate harder :). And get on with it!  

So, I felt my experience helped me work it out how I was going to attack it.
I tried to perfect Say Hello in every way I could. As recording original materiel was new to me and I wanted to give it my all.

Did you feel both excited and a little nervous about how your Say Hello single would be received by the 700+ DJs and media across the UK, Europe and worldwide?
Saskia: I don't expect miracles from the Hotdisc. I like being a part of something and taking part.

As “Say Hello” was your first original song and single. What was the experience like and biggest challenge recording the song in a studio?
Saskia Vese:
Studio Recording
in Castleford

Saskia: With Say Hello being my first single, I decided to break it down quite a lot, like I used to my dance routines as an aerobics instructor.  I thought to myself ' I don't know how to record an original song, in a studio. However, if I use my skills in breaking it down with the beats of the music, like in my dance classes I would be able to work out all the intricate bits, and the beats.
I have always been very good with timing naturally, due to my background in fitness classes. As I used to teach a lot of moves into one record lol. My piers would ask me to uncomplicated it. I would say ' no!  Please concentrate harder :). And get on with it!   So, I felt my experience helped me work it out how I was going to attack it. 

I tried to perfect Say Hello in every way I could. As recording original material was new to me and I wanted to give it my all.
The biggest challenge for me was recording it in the studio making it into my own song with feelings of my own to add to the song without messing it up and not disappoint my producer.
The experience of recording Say Hello on the studio was exciting and it felt like home. It made me focus and concentrate very hard. I didn't know I had a recording voice at all until recently.

Did you go through a lot of songs in the selection process for “Say Hello” as a new single?
Saskia: Yes, went through a lot at least 10. I had to record the verse and chorus of them in the studio! My producer and I listened to them one by one. We then chose together. It was between Say Hello and two others. One of the others is now my single out now Good Girl. Which chose the name

You received airplay for “Say Hello” by high profile British Country Music Association committee members and radio presenters to positive comments. How did it make you feel?
Saskia: Humble excited and honoured to have people so high up commenting on my songSay Hello. Felt very accomplished indeed

"Brilliant" - Peter Englefield Phoenix Country Radio ("Englefield Country Routes")

"Some great music now..she's a good singer" - Lee Williams President of the British Country Music Association Awards and CEO of CMR NASHVILLE "Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station"  

"Good song and I love the hook in it. Really bounced and swung along...a great great song” Jim Duncan, Chairman of British Country Music Association and presenter on 101.8 WCR FM

"A brand new entry at #10 for Saskia Vese and "Say Hello", and Saskia indeed does say hello to everybody involved in contributing to the Hotdisc British & Irish Chart, she says a very big thank you from me to all those DJs and radio stations who have voted Say Hello into the Hotdisc Chart. I'm so pleased to have made the chart with my very first single release. Everyone has been so kind to me with their comments too, so congratulations to Saskia Vese getting straight in there at #10 on the Hotdisc British and Irish Chart this week" - Allan Watkiss CEO

"Very catchy single" - Roger Peck CMR Nashville (British Country Show Music)
"Great show and interview with Saskia Vese" - Roger Peck (British Country Music Show Presenter Tweet)

"Brilliant track fascinating character, really good track " - Dean Jackson (The Beat Introducing) BBC Introducing East Midlands BBC Page (May 6, 2017)

"Say Hello" Opening the Hotdisc Top 30 show on as the lone top 30 Entrant at #29" - Stuart Cameron, Hotdisc CEO
I think Saskia's track is a real grower; I like it the more I hear it, and I am sure we will see it in the Top 40 soon - Stuart Cameron, CEO Hotdisc

"Say Hello to Saskia Vese" - Stewart Fenwick Celtic Music Radio (celt95fm)

"I think it's really good, very very catchy, its' kinda poppy but definitely some authentic moments in there" - Dave Watkins Phoenix Country Radio ("The Country Mile")

"Great Song" - Graham Barnes (Belter Radio; "Country Belles")

"Well worth a listen, hoping to hear a lot more from Saskia in the future- Joe Singleton Phoenix Country Radio ("Red Rose Country")
"A great track there" -  Joe Singleton Red Rose Country Show (July 23, 2017 show:Red Rose Country )

Music, Fashion, Modelling, Photography and Dance are all forms of art and professional skills that you possess. Do you find those skills cross over with role play, presenting a live music show and do they give you a certain confidence?
CREDIT: Image by Gary

Saskia: Indeed, all my skills help with my confidence on stage and when I'm under pressure in the recording studio.

When I'm recording a new song my record label is very strict, and we will take as long as it takes to get the sound right for every single line of every verse and chorus.

In my gymnastics background I was a country quad competitive gymnast. So this is where my balance and focus came from . 

I then applied it to my biology studies and college x4 A levels. Which I trained for to become an international aerobics fitness instructor.  I passed all practical and theory tests with the constant push from my parents. 

Family Background, Influences and what inspires you with your music and writing??

Saskia: My dad also wouldn't let me talk to my friends on the phone as it would put me off my studies.
From there I went onto doing more than 20 qualifications with Reebok. Where I taught in Germany and UK.
Reebok power step was my ultimate favourite as there were strong moves which had sounds to them ! Like oooo and ugh very loud.
So, I like the expression of the sounds the moves and the powerful delivery. Along with the dance which was incorporated in the routines.
Fitness and dance routines was my life. I trained most days. After work. My full-time job was personal trainer - aerobics and dance instructor.
I think the performance and focus side all starts from my parents. Dad was second seed in table tennis in the UK.
So, I trained with him a lot. And he even gave up some of his training to train me in gymnastics. As he believed I would make it.

My dad now is a golf professional. He plays golf every day in Spain and competes for trophies at 71 years old. He looks like James Bond Sean Connery with he's trimmed beard. Very handsome.
My mum was in arts and crafts with children and she was in charge of a golf club where she managed all the place usually 7 days a week. Mum is the reason I stick to my passion. She beloved in me from the day I was born.
My aerobics dance classes used to have 40-50 people in every week for years. So I was used to performing on a stage. This has now been all good. As I'm natural when I'm singing on stage and feel like it's my home
My mum mainly inspires me. And sometimes the loss of people I love.

What music are you currently listening to?
Saskia: I'm listening to The Shires, Ward Thomas, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Olivia Newton John, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, sash dance Music: David Guetto, Kelly Rowland & BeyoncĂ©.

QUICK-FIRE Questions
Who would be a dream male duet partner?
Saskia: My duo partner would be Kenny Rogers

Favourite Food?
Saskia: Mexican

Favourite Colour?
Saskia: Fav colour is pale pink

Favourite TV Show?
Saskia: Wonder Woman and Smallville are my fav TV shows WIKI
Mum says as a toddle I loved puppet shows a lot and the cartoons which had narrators to tell the silly antics of the cartoon characters.

Favourite Film?
Saskia: Grease is my fav film

Favourite clothes, make-up?
Saskia: Favourite clothes are my jumpsuits. And ball gowns. Fav makeup is MACWEBSITE
Oh, fab fashion as well is ponchos. And love Diamonte shoes that are high. I also love large fashion statement hats.

I did a Wonderbra model campaign billboard photoshoot and it went international - In 20 newspapers.  I got that myself and I'm still a representative of Wonderbra. I receive invites to help them with promotions. I was also a bra model for Marks and Spencer and a shoe model for Next. As I have a perfect size 4. 

Favourite Time of Year?  
Saskia: Christmas is my favourite time of year. I have Christmas films on now!  I start early. And wear red great and white all the time lol

Favourite Country to visit?
Saskia: France and Spain are my favourite two countries to visit

How Do You Like To Relax?
Saskia: I relax by sleeping and having a mental switch off holiday. Also I go to the spa and love to relax with my parents watching Christmas films any time of year!

Thank you for conducting the interview with Country Routes

Other Radio Interviews

“That's Saskia Vese with 'Good Girl', doing well with her second single, very Pop/Country, she puts on a very good show and looking forward to catching one of her shows"  - Lee Williams President of the British Country Music Association Awards and CEO of CMR NASHVILLE "Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station"

Russ Evans Ridge Radio (Community Radio, at the heart of the 22 towns and villages of Tandridge) tweeted:

That Does Impress Me Much, Come On Over!

Not only is Vese turning heads with her modelling photoshoots but DJs have been drawn to her new songs with some of the biggest names on the British Country scene playing the singles, actively giving encouragement, promoting the latest single and requests for interviews.  
Good Girl caught the attention of TV and many FM radio stations with rotation spins in its first week of release.
Images for Good Girl production publication media were posted on blogs and journals

Radio Station: East Leeds FM, Chapel FM
The Old Seacroft Chapel, York Road Leeds LS14 6JB
Englefield Country Roots Radio Show 3rd August 2017
Saskia joined Leeds top country DJ Peter Englefield (aka @leedspete) for a special live interview and session. 

Englefield Country Roots showcases upcoming talent from the UK and all around the world.
They discussed: Influences, recording projects, the music on the British country scene, dealing with nerves, what the future holds, advice to others concerning confidence and the auditioning process. She sang her new singles live on air to backing tracks, and recreated a "Stars In Your Eyes" moment singing Shania Twain's "Woman In Me" which brought forth a "absolutely superb" response from Peter. Listen back to the whole show at
Listen back to an edited version here:

Radio Station: Canalside Community Radio / Canalsides The Thread 102.8fm |WEBSITE | ONLINE
Clarence Mill, Clarence Road, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 5JZ
Date: 22nd August 2017
21:30 – 23:00 Artistic Echoes with Mike Chisholm
In a live interview and session Saskia sang her new Hotdisc singles Say Hello and Good Girl as well as covering Shania Twain's smash hit "Love Gets Me EverytimeListen back from 48 mins to 1 hour 22:

Radio Station: BBC Radio Sheffield
54 Shoreham Street, Sheffield, S1 4RS
Allan Watkiss (CEO former weekly presenter on BBC Radio Sheffield on the Your Country Show invited Saskia in for a chat on a Bank Holiday Monday special (28 Aug 2017) to discuss her music, talent contests, background, influences and future plans.
Listen at 45 mins on the BBC iPlayer BBC Page (available for 28 days) or to the audio here:


Although not mentioned on air as it was big deal for a new artist to land an interview on the BBC Saskia dressed for the part wearing her favourite dress; a very pretty Cherry Blossom Floral Print Skater, a very expensive celebrity brand which has been wore by BeyoncĂ© and Kardashian Chloe! 

The scuba type fabric holds its flare on the skater part. A nice kicking out skirt to flatter curves. 

Get the Look at

She accessorized with pink shoes and an attractive white leather bag with pointy studs with a lovely gold zip. Hair and makeup (Saskia!)  

Saskia's pretty Skater dress!
Photo Credit

One of Saskia’s supporters is Roger Peck the presenter of British Country Music Showon CMR NASHVILLE "Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station". The Good Girl single has been promoted towards the top of the hour by Lee Williams President of the British Country Music Awards and CEO of CMR Nashville and Django Promotions.
"What a good track that is as well" - Roger Peck

That's Saskia Vese with 'Good Girl', doing well with her second single, very Pop/Country, she puts on a very good show and looking forward to catching one of her shows" - Lee Williams President of the British Country Music Association Awards
Listen to their reaction to the Hotdisc single “Good Girl” in this August 18, 2017 broadcast:
Roger Peck-plays-Good-Girl-18Aug2017
  00:00             00:00         

Listen to the CMR Nashville Advert for Good Girl
  00:00             00:00         

Radio Station: CMR Nashville "Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station"
Date: 27 July 2017
Presenter: Roger Peck
Show: British Country Music Show
Saskia spoke with Roger Peck on the phone about her new singles, Hotdisc success, being played on the BBC, her Shania Twain Tribute act, played her cover of “No One Needs To Know”, plans for new recordings and talked out the new single “Good Girl”. "Great show and interview with Saskia Vesetweeted Roger Peck (British Country Music Show Presenter)
 Listen back to the interview from 21 mins:

Radio Station: CMR Nashville "Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station"
Date: 1 September 2017
Lee Williams CEO OF CMR Nashville Radio spoke with Saskia on the phone to introduce her to the listeners. They spoke about her background, social media, the new single “Good Girl” and her dream in the music industry.  

Good Girl Review & Lyrics

Single: Good Girl
Release Date: 21 July 2017
Label: E.B.A. Records (P) © 2017
Time: 3:33
Genre: Country/ Indie & Alternative

This raunchy and rocky number with its tight deep bass and driving axeman licks and back beats certainly packs a punch from the get-go on a uptempo-charged questioning song which finds the female protagonist wrestling with her inner emotions and demons. 

Saskia Vese: Good Girl Photoshoot July2017

The first verse suggests that the sweety Good Girl is fatally attracted to a cheatin’ bad guy or possibly against her will mesmerised by the evil look in his eye. He takes advantage, it makes her high but is tossed aside resulting in floods of broken-heartsville mascara infused tears.
CREDIT: Image by Kevin Rutterford. Artwork by Michael

The gritty and spit-fire lyrics can be a bit hard to decipher in the mix but once you do it’s enough to turn any sane man into a hot mess with heart-pumping sexy lines that leave little to the imagination:
A cowboy knows to saddle me up, The skin of his hide on my thigh near my Stateline, Oh my, he got love in his gun

As tension rises these is a cry for help and escapism. The sweetheart desperately reaches out to her “mama” to assist in discovering “Mr good guy” and treat her right - All I want is a real fine time
Apprehensive to start a fresh she patiently waits for her classy, gentle immaculately dressed “sweet sugar bon bon” to enter her world, satisfy her monetary needs who’s a “must for her eyeline”! But will he tick the boxes and service her desires?

Photo Credits: Top image: JohnT (John Turnbull; Saskia’s photographer for 7 years)
Far Left image: Steve Bond Images (commercial agency published commercial photographer) Steve and Saskia run mentoring days for photographers for any level of photographer!. 
Far right image: Headshot by Kevin Noonan

On a track with lots of hidden naughtiness, trouble quickly looms, there’s a twist on the love highway as she craves for that wild “good time ride”. Has the Good Girl an in-erasable wicked streak fatally attracted to Mr. Bad Guy? It seems so!
It’s reminiscent like the model she is, Saskia mirroring the characters role, looking into the photographer’s lens, can at the drop of a cowgirl hat switch from lovely, sweet and innocent to mean, moody and positively naughty!

Far left image: Rob Hill | Far right top image: Steve Bond Images
Bottom right: Mr T'ography (Ian Trundell (Mr T) | Facebook)

Can the woman sit tight and ignore those wild hot sensual “bent fender on a Chevy” advances?
As Saskia strains to reach for those off-the-scale high notes in the turbulent gripping undercurrent of the track it points to a passionate lady struggling to deal with her feelings, clinging desperately to an inner strength surrounded by a hurricane of crazy human-love-potion chaos. The lady has to love herself and be comfortable in her own skin before she is ready to break free and belong to any man: You gotta get it good get it good good get it good

There’s a tendency to suggest perhaps the singer is a little overpowered in this challenging musical landscape. It would be great if single No3, from the Doncaster singer, is a deep soulful country love ballad embracing lower register notes thus allowing fans the opportunity to uncover a true quality that lies within. Think more Shania Woman-In-Me-esque vibe than a Carrie “Something Bad” one. 

A bad boy has a look in his eye
Leather and boots and the stench of the moonshine
He cheats like a cool dude would
Does whatever he wants to get me high

A cowboy knows to saddle me up
The skin of his hide on my thigh near my stateline
Oh my he got love in his gun
Dear mama help me find Mr good guy
And all I want is a real fine time

Waiting in line for Mr Good Good guy
You gotta get it good get it good good get it good
And would it be like?
A sweet sugar bon bon
You gotta get it good get it good good get it good
You gotta get it good, yeah yeah baby

What I need starting over again
Is the hand of a man coming home with his pay cheque?
Tend me like a good guy should
Do whatever I want and treat me right
A stetson not a pickup truck
The look of his tux is a must for my eyeline
Yes, Ma’am he do sure look sweet
But Oh brother I do really miss a bad guy
And what i need is a good time ride

Chorus repeat

And Down this long love highway
A bent fender on a chevy he’s a wild one
And if he calls you baby
Sit tight coz there’s nobody home now
Oooooo ur yes yes yeah

Chorus x2 higher
Ya gotta get it gud geddit good 

Saskia recently attended’s 10th Birthday Party & UK Country Music Awards 2017 on Saturday Sept 2, 2017. Her Jovani dress drew “Best Dressed” comments see fashion and video in this BLOG POST

She is also going to The British Country Music Awards (BCMA Awards 2017) which takes place at the Wulfrun Hall on 22nd October 2017, from 7pm. 
See website for details.

There is an interview booked with with both Roger Peck (British Country Music Show on CMR Nashville) and Jim Duncan (Wolvestock promoter and The British Country Music Awards Chairman) at the awards which will most likely be broadcast on Jim Duncan’s Country Show on WCR FM 101.8 “the station for Wolverhampton”.


Saskia Vese: BBC Radio Sheffield with Rony Robinson (R) 11 Sept 2017

Following Saskia’s BBC interview, other radio stations are now showing a strong interest.
There was a live interview on Monday Sept 11, 2017 with Rony Robinson on the BBC Radio Sheffield BBC (“Baring All”) about exploring Saskia’s life and her background. Listen Back on the BBC iPlayer at 1 hour 36mins BBC Page

In October she will be joining Terry Love Radio (Website) and Chillz Radio (Website |Facebook ) Stoke-on-Trent Community Radio (26 Queen Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent).

Due to positive reaction and social media activity post her radio interviews her future along with an album deal and working towards the project is now secured!

Saskia is recording a Shania Twain tribute album with her own takes on smash hits such as “Man I Feel Like A Woman”, Honey I'm Home”, “Up!”, That Don't Impress Me Much”, “No One Needs to Know, “ Love Gets Me Everytime” and the gorgeous ballad “Woman In Me”. This will be using backing tracks for now with an aim to look for her band members. After initially looking to source a lead guitarist Mr. Craig Brown has now answered Vese’s call. The Shania album is slated to appear in physical format along with a Christmas album. Plans are for them be offered in digital format.

Saskia Vese: Promo Shania Tribute Photo Card

She is working on her third original single and going back into the studio very soon! It will be a slow dance with a more American country feel!
When this is released, with three commercially released singles in place, with the aspirational target of 500 downloads still in place this will now determine which music video will be created. This will be based on which of the 3 original songs is the most popular with the public. The original idea was that from March 25th 2017, the deal was Saskia had 18 months to get the downloads over the 3 songs to secure the album project, this is no longer the case.

Saskia is currently the Model cover girl for XTENDED radio based in Assen, Netherlands (>> Listen Live | Twitter) The original 12-inch and remix radio with long versions of the 70s, 80s, 90s. | Credit: Image by Peter Goulding commercial photographer

Saskia gets a mention in the October 2017 issue of Up Country Magazine Volume 22 Number 10 (Brandy Clark front cover |  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK ) in the “Hot off the Airwaves” section.

Saskia is going to be an ambassador for #wearitpink

Breast Cancer Now’s Wear It Pink day is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK.

Taking place on Friday 20 October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, thousands of amazing people will wear it pink in their communities, schools or work places for the UK's largest breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now.
Since the first event in 2002, Breast Cancer Now has managed to raise an incredible £30 million for life-saving research.
They are the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, dedicated to funding research into the devastating disease.

Find out more t 
| FACEBOOK | TWITTER | #wearitpink

Saskia has been invited to do a Christmas Light Switch On Friday 1st December 2017 to be held in Stoke-On Trent. She will be singing her own songs, Shania Twain’s smash hits along with Christmas carols. She will also be singing with Jason Dale (The UK's Number One Elvis Presley Tribute Act; Website | Facebook) who has had a Residency in Vegas!
She will be joined by a professional sportsman (probably a pro footballer!). Watch this space!
6 Towns Radio will again to host the Burslem Christmas Lights with hundreds of people expected to attend the event. The annual Christmas event is organized each year by the volunteers of Our Burslem group (chief organizer June Cartwright). The group, local business, and the council help with funds and gifts. 
Saskia is recording her Christmas album which will feature seasonal carols and set to drop in time before the special day!

This Christmas photoshoot was her own set creation up. It's her pinup dress featuring a frilly layered petticoat. She added a Shania Twain Tribute choker and a Vivian Westwood bracelet (Website) | Makeup and hair (Saskia) | Image by John T  (Saskia's current and photographer for 7 years).

Saskia will be doing a new Christmas set up shoot again this year with a few of her chose go-to photographers. It'll will be more pinup dresses!

Saskia has a Bikers Festival slot booked for 2018!  
Lincolnshire Bike Week will take place at over 18th-25th of July, 2018 at Trusthorpe ,Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire (13 Palm Springs, Miami Beach, Sutton on Sea, Mablethorpe LN12 2JY, UK).
It’s based in Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe & Sutton on Sea and will kick off with the Mablethorpe Bike Night and finishing the following on Wednesday with the Sutton on Sea Bike Night .
Camping will be available for the week at the central site in Trusthorpe with a main stage and festival site with an “awesome live music line up” for the Friday & Saturday evenings. Check out the Event for more details.

Show the  CONNECT & GET INVOLVED with Saskia Vese:

Home Page Icon Pink x 48 photo Home-Icon-Pink x48_zpsbck4m9sa.png Home Page Icon Pink x 48 photo Home-Icon-Pink x48_zpsbck4m9sa.png Facebook Icon Pink x 48 photo Facebook_zpsoxry8ygw.png Facebook Icon Pink x 48 photo Facebook_zpsoxry8ygw.png Twitter Icon Pink x 48 photo Twitter_zpsu2lrijql.png Twitter Icon Pink x 48 photo Twitter_zpsu2lrijql.png YouTube Icon Pink x 48 photo YouTube_zpsf7eupulh.png Instagram Icon Pink x 48 photo Instagram_zpsuh9qqh6v.png iTunes Icon Pink x 48 photo iTunes Icon-Pink-47_zpswazeejnj.png Pinterest Icon Pink x 48 photo Pinterest_zpso7exqdmb.png

about say hello single . winning awards on radio stations . Say Hello won song of the week in Nashville in the 1st week of the release on 25th March . 


Also the lyrics of good girl are in the written visual blog. theres also a few radio live interviews whereby you can hear me talk about my music career as a country singer

click the link above to read the news media blog feature published write up . with the latest news on the music , images diary and much more


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 My own Wonder Wonder Woman / costume pink purple and white all my favourite colours. this is my logo that i have had drawn of me . The face is my face on the drawing . Saskia means Saxon woman , woman of the world . i intend to be just that . Saskia was spelt Saxia in the saxon times . Meant to be Roman, goddess  . Wonder Woman is a Goddess too :-) . Strong woman not controlled by anyone . her own woman . Innocent yet powerful in her stride to conquer the world on her own . Stride alone in her missions . Not owned by a man or any land . Alot about Wonder Woman is also about me . I will not stop until i climb that mountain my own way and reach the top the way i want to reach it without being told what to do.    


Phillip sparks is my artist friend he's created this video with my images . Photographer credits to John Morley . Steve Bond cd cover for SLOW DANCE   This clip gives you a little longer in the preview to tell you all to head over to iTunes and Amazon to download it hehe x Saskia x I'll be writing about my artist Phillip soon and adding his vogue projects for my modelling . thanks Philip
Saskia website     this linked website takes you straight to all the download information for my songs say hello and good girl